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Permanent Members :
Defence Officers (Serving & Retired) along with their spouse. No civilan membership.

Dependants :
Children of the Club Members.

Age Criteria for dependants :
For male dependants : below the age of 25 years
For female dependants : till the date of marriage

Control of Guests :
It is the duty and the responsibility of all members to ensure that their Guests' behaviour and etiquette is of the requisite standard. In case of any breach of conduct or misbehaviour by the guests, the responsibility is that the member concerned.

The Institute shall consist of the following class of members :
a) Honorary Members
b) Permanent Members
c) Temporary Members
d) Associate Members
e) Tenure Members

Honorary Members' : The Management Committee may, from time to time in very special cases, invite distinguished ladies & gentlemen to consider themselves honorary members of the Institute. Honorary members shall be entitled to all privileges of the Institute subject to such restrictions and regulations as may be prescribed in the Rules and Bye-laws of the Institute. Honorary members to be made with approval of Executive Council but in no case should exceed more than 3% of the total strength of permanent members. In case of existence of any waiting list the eligible distinguished persons can be given Temporary membership till requisite vacancy is created for grant of Honorary membership. The Honorary Members will not have any voting rights.

Permanent Members : The initial membership strength of the institute will be restricted to 2500 members with provision to increase 100 members every year subject to the approval of the Executive Council. The following category of officers will be eligible to become permanent members of Institute:
a) All serving officers of the Defence Services holding permanent regular commission.
b) Retired officers of the Defence Services drawing pension.
c) Officers of the Defence Services invalided out of service with pension.
d) Officers of the Defence Services who have served for a minimum period of five years and have been either released (SSC, EC, WCO, SCO, RCO, TA) or taken premature retirement (not in receipt of Govt. pension) will be allotted 10% of the permanent membership.

The allotment of membership in succeeding years will be given as per the following priority and vacancy:

a) Serving officers of Defence services holding permanent Regular Commission
b) Serving officers of Defence services with less than five years service and not holding permit reg commission
c) Retired officers of Defence services drawing pension

45 %

d) Released/Retd. Officers of Defence services not in receipt of pension.
e) Windows as per above priority
Temporary Members : All eligible members till allotment of permanent members will be granted temporary membership. The subscriptions for temporary members will be laid down by the Management Committee from time to time.
Associate Members : Civilians granted Honorary Commission in the Defence Services and other reputed civilian members subject to the approval of the governing body. The governing body has the right not to grant the membership or terminate the same due to the reason wherein the membership of a civilian person is not corresponding to the status of the Defence forces or reputation of the person becomes questionable or due to misconduct.
Tenure Members : Defence Service officers posted at 'NCR DELHI' will be eligible to become tenure members during their stay.
Voting Rights : Only the permanent members will exercise voting rights of the Institute.