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Defence Services Officers' Institute, Gurgaon


B2C Systems Limited, a company specializes into providing Club / Officers' Institute Automation System fully integrated with Membership Smart Cards, has implemented a state-of-the-art Contactless Cash / Debit Card Automation System at DSOI, Palam Vihar. The system is intended to encourage members to use the Institute's facilities and replaces the traditional paper/cash vouchers being used in many Clubs/Institutes alike.

The system comprises sophisticated B2C_Digital Club Management Software, having Client-Server architecture, PoS (Point-Of-Sale) terminals with Smart Card Reader/Writer machines and personalized Contact less Membership Cards for all the esteemed DSOI members and their respective Spouse and Dependants.


1.   The main purpose of this system is to provide the DSOI Members with greater convenience and better security against counterfeit membership cards. DSOI members are now able to charge their respective Smart Cards with their chosen amount, to avail F&B and other facilities.

2.   The Membership Card acts as an electronic purse. It features a Smart Microprocessor chip onto which can be credited an unlimited amount. DSOI Reception staff load the credit using the B2C_Digital Club Loading station, a process which takes only a few seconds. The PoS Terminals placed in the restaurant and bars enable credit to be deducted quickly and easily.

3.   The Membership Smart Card doubles in functionality through the incorporation of proximity technology, to work with the access control system to be used at the Reception and other PoS locations.

DSOI, Palam Vihar Membership Smart Cards:

The Members are being provided with the Contactless Membership Cards having memory to store information in two different section as detailed below:

Section - I will have info pertaining to Members including Mem_ID, status etc.
Section - II will have the function of having Electronic Money to record financial transactions in a secured encrypted format.

How the System will Function for the DSOI Members ?

Step - I: Each Member will be provided with a Contactless Membership Smart Card along with the Add-on Card(s) to the Spouse and the Dependant(s). The Smart Card will carry a unique membership number (with a Prefix for the Members' Category and a Suffix "S", "d1" etc. for the Add-on Cards) and the same will be encoded onto the chip with a unique card key.

Step - II: Member will have the facility to get his Card charged for any desired amount at the Reception. A receipt will be issued for the amount charged onto the Smart card.

Step - III: Now Member(s) can enjoy all the F&B and other facilities. The respective amount will get deducted from their Smart Card as per the facility Bill.

It is important to note that no KOT/BOT (Kitchen/Bar Order Ticket) will be generated, if the required balance is not available in the Smart Card for the item ordered.

Salient Features:

 - The Smart Card can be charged for any amount as well as any number of times desired by the Member(s).

 - Lost or stolen smart cards can easily be blocked and balances transferred to a new card when issued.

How the System will Function for the DSOI Guest / Affiliated Club Members?

Specially designed Guest Cards are available at the DSOI Reception, Any Guest / Affiliated Club Member will have to take prior permission from the DSOI Secretary and if allowed, as per the Institute Rules, the respective Guest / Affiliated Club member will be issued a GUEST (X-SERIES) SMART CARD, valid only for 01 day, against a pre-defined Refundable Security Amount along with Guest / Affiliated Club Charges, as applicable.

The Guest can charge the charge/re-charge the card for the desired amount and avail the facilities and before leaving the DSOI premises will have to surrender the same to collect the refund of the cash balance and security amount.

Guest Members